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Peace of Mind for Courier Company.

Allow Sublime Delivery Service staff take the orders, input the orders into system of choice and then you as an owner can manage your business conveniently from anywhere; review account activity & sales, Sublime will monitor drivers with GPS, and dispatch from anywhere via desktop or with a wireless enabled laptop. We encourage you to allow us to take the headache of monitoring drivers off of you, so that you may focus on more important areas of your business, Together we can develop the premier logistics team and in doing so set a precedence as the first choice service provider. If you are interested in a our premier courier/delivery service, send an e-mail to Joy Cox at joy@sublimedeliveryservice.comPlease include your name, your company’s name, your title, your phone number and best day/time to contact you.

After Hours Phone / Dispatch Coverage.

Sublime provides late night and weekend phone coverage and dispatching services. For companies that don’t have significant operations outside regular business hours our after hours service allows you to offer 24/7/365 coverage with the peace of mind that your phones will always be answered promptly and professionally. Companies forward their phones to us from 6 p.m. until 7 a.m and weekends. Our staff will answers calls, enters orders in your dispatch software of choice, and dispatches the orders to your designated drivers. providing you more time with family and to focus on the growth of your business.

Online Order Entry.

With our online order entry system, we have the ability to place your order in an accurate and efficient manner. Our online system is easy to use and allows you to do several things at one location. You can place an order, track a package, manage your account on a daily and monthly basis. This system offers many benefits, all of which are free of charge. To get started scroll down to the client login area or simply give us a call/email and one of our staff members will help walk you through the process.

   GPS Tracking.

Benefits of using DCS online Tracking System:Electronic Proof of Delivery – All tracking information is stored electronically and available to view any time via our online web portal.

Real-time Status Updates: Once an account is established you’ll be able to access updates with the most up to date tracking information.

Tracking Number / Barcode: Each delivery is given a specific tracking number that uniquely identifies the package. All tracking numbers have their own date, time, and tracking information stored and available for view via our online web portal.

    Barcode Scanning.

Advanced Delivery Solutions: Waybill / Shipping Label – For barcode scanning a shipping label or waybill must be printed. Barcodes allow drivers to quickly scan packages upon pick up or delivery.

Electronic Signature Capture: If a digital signature capture is required, the driver will be prompted to collect the signature at pickup, delivery, or both. Recipients can easily sign right on the mobile device. This “Proof of Delivery” information is submitted back instantly and stored for your reference. Signatures may be viewed at any time via our online web portal. Your account can be setup to automatically require a signature capture.


Sublime is here to help you recycle and repurpose all reusable items to prevent endangering our trees.
The protection of our universe is vital to us.


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