Who’s Sublime?

Sublime is a family owned & operated courier/messenger service since 1999, We provide effective local, and OTR courier service, Our couriers are all Nextel dispatched and professionally uniformed making sure each delivery is efficient and on time!.

Delivering for your business isn’t just a simple drop off and pickup, we strongly believe that each delivery represents your company credibility, reputation, viability and how people view your business as a whole. At Sublime we work above and beyond to ensure that your company representation continues to thrive at a 100%.

When taking orders our savvy dispatch operators use tailored guidelines to ensure that our drivers are well versed in handling every type of delivery whether it’s prescription medication, medical specimens, legal paperwork, meal prep, bank deposits and or fragile items, we provide tailored professional service simply because our clients are just that valuable to us. We offer our clients unrivaled service that is second to none when it comes to privacy, efficiency and reliability.

Sublime is centrally located in 3 areas Van Nuys, Ontario & Palmdale CA , Our primary service area is Southern California, with areas such as but not limited to Los Angeles County (including Antelope Valley), Orange County, San Bernardino County,  Riverside County, Ventura and San Diego County.

We also service Northern California and our Western States ( AZ, NV, WA, OR,).