Sublime offers Contact- Free Delivery

Each delivery is a Priority!

Summer discounts for local online e-stores!
With so many restaurants and bars across the local area, all of them offer some kind of food & drinks delivery.

Who’s Sublime?

Sublime Delivery Service is a fully-insured  family own business, founded in 1999 by a family of delivery industry professionals.

SDS initially started out in a small office which through hard work and dedication has since grown and became one of the leading delivery providers in Southern and Northern California. We aim to make our service as reasonably priced as possible!

Our clients includes but not limited to Meal prep industry, Banks, Pharmaceutical and Medical supply companies, Hospitals, Law firms, Real Estate/Mortgage, Payroll and Insurance companies.


Who are we:

Sublime is a courier/messenger service as your reliable courier we go above and beyond to provide effective solutions to your delivery needs.

What we do:

Sublime team members & couriers has been committed to providing concierge delivery service, with a reputation for speed, reliability, efficiency, and professionalism, Our extensive experience allows us to handle sensitive situations.


Why use us:

Sublime’s dedicated family (staff & couriers), and on going training, we meet the standards and high demands for efficient deliveries, our team is just as committed as the owners in providing clients and customers with the best concierge courier and delivery services possible.